2022 – Welcoming trends and new age sustainable fashion.

Uploaded on 21-Dec-2021

2022 – Welcoming trends and new age sustainable fashion.

2022 is on the very edge of welcoming us in to a fresh start of a new year. While we all stand aboard the resolution wagon for the new year (which we know seldom reaches its destiny of fulfilled goals), what excites us most is not only the changing weather and calendar dates, but the big reveal of predictions for the upcoming year. Peeking up among insights like horoscope, travel and holiday lists, what we really look forward to is the upcoming fashion trends that strut their way in 2022!

The coming year is stocked with fashion trends that are a total dig! While you may not be very convinced with the season’s greetings for fashion, there could always be something that can translate into an inspiration or perfectly blend into your everyday wear. See what is in store (pun intended) for fashion trends 2022, and which one of these you can fit, flaunt or forbid!

The color palette for 2022

Trivia – Pantone has announced its color of 2022, it is ‘dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet red undertone’ called Very Peri, or PANTONE 17-3938.

So to be closet ready, think hues that will be in vogue. We like to keep up with what suits our skin tones and body type, and enjoy wearing our favorites. However, nailing the perfect hue can be a game changer. Let’s look up to the color trends for 2022, for inspiration and ideas. Experts have combined the best of street and runway styles to dish out hot color trends that will paint 2022 the chic way! The spring / summer runways for 2022 saw lime greens, saturated yellows, sunset orange tang, and classic Kelly greens.

Lime green - Fashion police predict the hues for the coming year will be more of lime and lemony. Sage green was one of the most popular hues in 2021. This tangy lime green is expected to spice up 2022 with refreshing tones.

Vibrant orange – Creamsicle colors are passé. 2022 fashion color trends dip in the brightest orange hues, one can find. Many big names in the fashion industry opened their collections for spring runways with monochrome orange. Pick out a head to toe orange surprise, or break the bold orange with a contrasting blue or black accessory.

Bright and radiant yellow – The fashion runways over flowed with the brightest yellows. In 2021, we saw buttery yellows and pale hues dominating the yellow palette, but 2022, is going to be a sunny disposition of super bright – almost a neon sunshine yellow.

The future of fashion – you saw it here…

It is believable that trends that fade with time gradually come back with a bang in the future. 2020 and 2021 was trending with minimalism. An excess of everything that clearly settled down with an eclectic style. Know what 2022 holds in store…

Nostalgia with back to school designs…

2022 runways inflicted a strong sense of Déjà vu, with mid-riff baring tops and low-rise bottoms. Chanel displayed a 90’s vibe with mini skirt suits, and belly chains, with crimped and teased hair. The early aught (period between 2000 and 2009) also saw a refreshing re-entry with sparkly outfits, and butterfly motifs, and cargo pants. School uniform inspirations were seen on runways, with knits cut, pleated short skirts, and cable knit sweaters.

Sporting away in 2022…

Fashion trends have seen many changes in the past couple of years. However, it was the big commitment to leisure wear that has really stuck around, although evolved through these years. Chic athletic wear is game, for 2022. Designers all over made solid statements on the runways with trend setting sculptural tracksuits, luxury fabrics in tennis whites, matching bags with logo waistbands, ballooning strapless tops, and stirrup-inspired pants.

Layers and more…

It was early in the 2000’s that Disney stars wore sequined skirts over flared denims and fur collared cardigans rested neatly over camis. For 2022, layers are back and back with a bang. The over indulgence of which is however enchanting, with heavy layers combining leather pants, lace blouses, capes and scarves. The runway also sported collection that were styled in extremes like skirts and dresses worn over ribbed leggings and off-shoulder tops worn over sparkly polos.

Bridal whites and oh-so-clean …

Who needs wedding season to drape in all-white attire? Whether you have the “i-do” in your to do lists or not, 2022 brings up the bright white back in trend. By white we mean ‘Colgate’ white look, from head to toe! Pile up with minimalism, or go extreme like the snow queen exploded in there. Most fashion runways dressed up in a dreamy notion in white for spring 2022 fashion trends.

Abs the way to be …

Flaunt it if you got it! Fitness was the inspiration, sweating runways with bare, toned and right out their abs! The collections for 2022, showed off chiseled midriffs, with minimal fabrics on ultra-miniskirts, maxi dresses, and more.

Bare skin, sheer fabric and short hemlines …

Setting the sirens blaring with skin-is-in, many designers displayed stunning designs showing as much skin as possible with super sheer fabrics, ultra-low rise miniskirts, tight ensembles, naked dresses, tunic length dresses and tops. This trend is more about polished and tailored shorts than laid back denim cut offs. This trend saw a good wave in 2021 red carpets, but get ready to embrace a bigger reveal in 2022.

Vacation mode on …

The holiday mindset is making a retour in 2022, but unlike last year that saw skiwear inspired outfits, this year it is the beach vibes and swimwear making headlines on big fashion runways. Getaway designs, and fresh colors and prints in bikinis, dresses and matching sets are set to ring in the popularity this season!

Maxed out future…

Most collections for 2022 parted with loud and blaring colors and designs. However, a humble trend is here to say it loud with minimalism – Maxi hemlines. Maxi lengths are back for 2022, with many designers choosing a sleek and streamlined silhouette with floor sweeping lengths, side slit and column skirts and balanced out gauzy tops.

Fringe fever…

Fringe has always been in fashion throughout, however it really made a bold comeback in 2016. This year, many designers upped the ante, with fringes in their larger than life form. 2022 runways dazzled in tiered plush fringes, bust to waist and floor length fringe outfits, mini dresses, leather jackets, and pants, bringing movement and style along with a western touch. Think jackets, bags, skirts that do not need a gala reason to wear. Pair with simple silhouettes, or combine with sequined dresses, for a cool and daring alternative for 2022!

Dig for the big …

Bigger is better and famous designers couldn’t have proved this better, without the runways for 2022 lining up in oversized suits, blouse, jackets and coats, that are made for more room. Volume on volume is a trend is usually tucked in with a strategic belt, but this time, the upcoming trend is all about free flowing volumes. Be it for layering or for growing; baggy outfits claiming sheer volume is a trend that is here to stay and rule the 2022 fashion trends.

Bling on the party wagon …

Bringing back the glitter of party wear, designers chose fabulous outfits that put over dressing in the back seat. Taking charge is after dark glamor, like heavily embellished styles, crystals, chainmail, and sequins. While 2022 will be the year of sparkle and sequins, you can mix them with your everyday staples, and not wait for another party to reason with your wardrobe!

These were the global trends that are expected to make headlines. Let’s take a look at the fashion markets and consumer interests for 2022.

Global and Indian markets on fashion consumer trends for 2022

Unlike fashion industry trends that keep evolving and have their rise and fall, sustainability is one trend that has slowly yet steadily emerged and is here to stay. More consumers in India and globally too have changed their buying perspectives and have become more aware, opting for eco-friendly and sustainable products. It is not only about how the product looks, but also about its roots, history, and ethical trail.

Companies have therefore started reinventing their businesses to sustainable means of production. Many emerging labels in India have sustainability at the core of their designs and strategies. The entire process is is carefully aligned, like responsible sourcing of raw materials, ethical labor, reducing and up cycling dead stock, encouraging tradition, heritage and fashion legacies, promoting local art, and employing local artists to create unique crafts creating employment and growth.

According to a research, 88% of consumers want to shop with brands that have environment friendly products. Another study that was conducted by The Shelton Group concluded that majority of Millennials want to shop from sustainable brands. As a result, many luxury brands have started changing their processes to ensure a greener future, ethical sourcing, and sustainability.

The digital boom for fashion…

With digitization of businesses and more digital options to help small business and local artists set up a virtual platform for their art and talent, the ‘Make in India’ notion is truly gaining success. People have positively changed their perspective about handmade and local brands, especially after the pandemic. They are opting for homemade, home grown and local products. Handmade for instance has become the new ‘classic’ and we can see consumers opting for ethically sourced and handmade products. While shopping from local brands that are environment conscious helps the consumer fulfill environment responsibility, it also inculcates a sense of community by shopping with a local brand. By hiring local artists and talent, businesses are reviving generations of art and tradition, adding to the value of these home made products.

Businesses supporting ‘Make in India’ understand the needs of the new age conscious Indian consumer. They understand the cultural nuances of fashion and consumer inhibitions, adding to strong understanding, growth and success of small homegrown brands.

Humble and homemade fashion – Craftsbite …

For our home brand – ‘Craftsbite’ we are committed to conscious business, that ensures 100% eco – friendly approach. The pandemic too has changed how we streamline our processes. We strive to make our collections consumer and sustainability focused, by handcrafting them in ethically sourced and sustainable raw materials, and making them fresh per order, and in small batches to reduce dead stock. It also adds to quality, and customization options. We hire local artists to create our products, boosting local talent and creating employment.

Our designs are inspired by nature, and are traditional yet trendy sporting Indian heritage, art, and classics that will remain in trend for many years, thereby increasing the usability and wearability of our products. We strongly support ‘Vocal for Local, at every step of our journey.

What else is in?

Research by a top app claims these will be the fashion trend that will pop up in Indian markets in the coming year. Check out the best of them for prepping up your shopping list and knowing what to look for that rock your wardrobe in 2022.

  1. Just like 2021, fashion trends for 2022 are dressing up in bright palette of colors. This trend sets in with a gender-neutral approach, so the men can join in too for a trendy style with colors and pop. Think neon, bright colors, bubble gum and hot pinks, that kick in with easy fits and an astonishing vibrancy!
  2. Time for a bun intended 2022. Embrace your natural hair, with high poufs, and space buns. The coming year may also see many bob hair styles, the nostalgic 90’s layer cuts, sleek long length hair, buzz cuts, short Mohawk, slicked back long hair, bouncy blowouts, soft curls, effortless natural hair. Color wise too, stylists suggest clean natural shiny hair will be popular, along with one dimensional colors like soft black, ginger, or subtle chocolate brown.
  3. Goth styles will be back with sinful dark black, ruling 2022, yet again with all black outfits, nails and clothes. So black is the new black? It sure seems like it is!
  4. Accessories will see the warm shiny pearl coming back in trend, with necklaces, earrings, and more, set in this warm ivory tone. Think hair accessories, nail art and even outfits embellished with pearl power!
  5. Nail art is getting crazier? However, this time expect Gen – Z to glam up in subtle and serene trends for nail art like landscape designs.

Are we ready for fashion trends 2022?

2022 brings a lot of rebel and loudness, in many aspects of fashion. Some trends are swaying back to the simplicity of olden times, and are blended with a modern twist of the future. However, nothing is as poised as the confidence of our personal style. Whether you follow these to the ‘T’ or with a little creativity of your own to include them in your personal style, if it makes you feel good, go for it! Let us know your favorite trends for 2022, what do you think will be the next style craze?

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