Why is handmade expensive?

Uploaded on 01-Jun-2023

Why is handmade expensive?

The very name – Handmade suggests of a legacy, it reflects the effort and emotion that was woven when the art was given its rustic charm, and identity. Yet despite the awareness and progress of handicraft businesses around the world, most people still question – Why is handmade so expensive?

Every handmade item has a story, and while it is written in the very characteristics of the handmade item, it is as unique as the existence of the artist who made it!

This brings us to thinking of the price and value of the handmade art. Although it is expensive, it very much defines and defends its costliness. Even if the price of handmade is high – its value too rises equally.

Why is handmade expensive?

We bring to you the top reasons that explain why handmade art is expensive, and why you should reconsider questioning the price of non-mass produced and unique handmade items. Read on…

Here are reasons why handmade craft is expensive….

Handmade crafts are made by hand and not machines. So here comes the very first valuable investment of the artist – his/her time. It takes more time to make one product by hand than it takes to press the button of the factory machine and make the same product. Small business that makes handicrafts do not resource their raw material in bulk, they specially pick out their stock, sometimes which are hard to source and expensive too! Add to this the delivery and handling costs.

Why is handmade expensive?

You purchase is unique. Handmade items are usually made in small batches, sometimes just one piece is made. So, what you see is an exclusive and made-for-you product. You may not find a similar one elsewhere. Often artists emphasize that creating a repeated design product may not be an exact copy of the one previously made or may not match the one in the picture. Because each time you make a product even if it is the same design, slight variations will always be there.

Skills are what makes your handmade product – wonderful, fine and artistic. Every artist invests his talent and skill when making a handmade product. These products are made with love and emotions, which add an unexplained charm to them. For many artists their skill is a legacy. It is passed over from generations of family. For them, this knowledge is priceless that they religiously rely on to make handmade products.

Packaging costs are another point thar cannot be missed. Most handmade businesses do not use mass-produced packaging for their products. They want the packaging to be just as unique as their product.

The quality of their product is always higher. Reason being in small productions, it is possible to carefully manage, and scrutinize every process in the production. Artists are proud of their every product and ensure it leaves a good impression before it leaves their hands.

Why is handmade expensive?

More handmade products are made with lots of love. They are also made locally in most cases. There is a lot of value in supporting local art, considering factors like sustainability, and helping local art and artists grow.

All handmade products are unique and not mass-produced. Ensuring their products rise less like a trend, but more like a treasure

Here are reasons why you should still consider buying it…

Why is handmade expensive?

Better value for money – like we discussed in the beginning of this blog. A lot of imagination, and creativity and talent go into creating handmade, and there can’t be a price tag on that. So, when you purchase a handmade art or item, rest assured you have something invaluable in some way.

Many handmade goods are made using eco-friendly and sustainable materials, with ethical production practices that prioritize the welfare of workers and the environment.

By buying handmade products, you're supporting the continuation of traditional crafts that have been passed down through generations.

Supporting handmade items encourages creativity and innovation, as artisans are free to experiment with their craft and create new designs.

Handmade products are unique and one-of-a-kind, each with its own individual character and story.

Handmade crafts often have a rich cultural history and are an important part of the cultural heritage. By purchasing handmade items, you help preserve these traditions and keep them alive for future generations.

Why is handmade expensive?

Here is our conclusive summary….

Hopefully this answers your question about why handmade items are so expensive, and all that goes behind that price tag. Handmade items are a reflection of an artist's passion, creativity, and hard work. While they may seem expensive, the investment is worth it for the unique, high-quality, and sustainable product. Let us appreciate and cherish the art of handmade, knowing that every purchase we make goes towards something valuable and meaningful.

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