Finding creative inspiration – how to recharge and reboot your creative energies

Uploaded on 02-Dec-2022

Finding creative inspiration – how to recharge and reboot your creative energies.

Creativity is passion. It runs deep through those who wish to make meaning of their everyday life through indulging in art and craft and making – revealing something beautiful, and inspiring for the world. Right from the simplest of line drawings and paper card making, to the more complex embroidery, crocheting, origami and the more tedious crafts, this passion for creativity is fuelled by inspiration.

One moment, one experience or one humble dream has the potential of propelling creative minds to think out of the box, and make something that helps them find themselves. However, sometimes this creative churn might run dry, and that is when you need to look out and find inspiration. A stimuli to your mind and heart that gets you back in your happy place – making your happy crafts and art.

We bring to you some easy and workable ideas to find inspiration for your next big project or to ignite that creative energy to build all things beautiful.

Get back in the creative zone with –

1. Reboot – soul, mind, and body.

Creative pursuits can be mentally exhausting even if they are your passion. As most people may see – taking a break and stopping for a while to be non – productive and a waste of time. In reality, pausing and just letting yourself free for a moment is not counter-productive. It will help your find fresh energy to stir up amazing ideas.

Sometimes your mind needs the back seat and to watch somebody else do the work. Tune in to your favorite artists, while still in your crafting zone. Our subconscious mind works in fascinating ways and will derive more inspiration while you just breathe and relax. Fascinating how we find the best of ideas and solutions when we are not looking for them? Therefore, resting and pausing for a while is good for your creative pursuits.

2. Find your happy place

For some a cleaning session or grooming at a spa helps to get back their game. Fire up that stove and cook your favorite meal or dish. Engaging your mind and fully immersing it in an activity that does not demand creative energy from you is highly rewarding.

Get to an old coffee shop. Soak in the moment; for some soul reset. Sit on a porch swing, a park bench or a cozy chair in your favorite corner of the home. Sit back and let your eyes stretch, watch time flow in its own sweet melody. Enjoy just being in the moment in fresh air, under the sparkling sun or soaking in the best of nature through your window.

Although slightly meditative, this can help you shuffle and rearrange ideas, and get inspired with non-conscious thinking.

3. Get out – get moving

Feeling stuck is more often a result of just being glued on your work desk for a long time. When your body is busy, your mind is exhausted too. Get away from that chair – stretch and move around. Go out for a walk in nature or a quick jog in the park. Getting closer to nature is the best reset for a tired mind. Get moving with your favorite exercise form. Swim, skip or move to your favorite beat – it all works wonderfully. Treat your mind to a physical activity for sparking ideas, it helps clear the fog and see through and engage truly with whatever you are working on.

4. Inspiration through technology

Need we say more? Step in the digital offerings for a plethora of inspiration for everything and anything under the sun. Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, everything out there is a vast ocean of ideas and inspiration for you. Simply screening through and scrolling through trends and boards will get ideas simmering in your mind.

5. De-clutter – organize your mess to find inspiration

When you cannot organize the clutter going on in your mind, think of de-cluttering your workspace or studio. Leverage your downtime into an opportunity to rearrange / organize / clean up your workspace. Along with being therapeutic, organizing and de cluttering may even help you find lost projects, overlooked supplies. Ideas and inspiration cling to material things. Glancing through the old supplies, work, papers etc., might inspire you for a fresh idea.

6. Explore creative spectrum

Dabble your creative passion and find that little creative detour to do something different. Like for example if you are a photographer, take a break from the camera and try designing, painting or crafting. It can be a small simple activity or an elaborate project. Sometimes when other forms of creativity run dry, shifting gears helps. By creating diverse range of art and expressions, you can encourage your curiosity, and mind flexibility.

When you allow yourself to learn and grow across multiple and diverse mediums of expression, you see the world with a refreshed perspective.

7. A hearty read

Find your answers in the writings of an author. Read. Yes, it is as simple as that. Whatever your mood, whatever emotional, professional, social tangle you are going through, reading is an amazing solution for all. It can be any writing – like a small piece of poem, a short story, a book you’re contemplating reading or a cozy magazine or newspaper. Read to find the original form and story behind every word. Find their inspiration and let your imagination once again lead you to beautiful discoveries. A single line, a quote or a word is enough to excite you with an amazing discovery of thought or action.

8. Write, write and write in the moment

Journaling is highly therapeutic. It is a form of meditation, purpose declaration, and disciplinary tool. When you need a refill on your tanks of creativity, simply start penning your thoughts. If you already keep a journal – get those pages rolling now. Flip back, read through all your pages, glance through the scribbles, even if they are a line or two about how your day, work, feelings, a strategy, goals, experiences, etc.

A journal is a great source of inspiration. Reading through your thoughts and clarity put through pages, delivers a sense of power to explore the true depths of what you really think and feel.

If you have not started journaling, it is time to begin. It need not be a complex essay or poem; journal writing can be simple, yet amazingly powerful.

9. Connect and communicate

Look around; your friends, social circle, and family all are always there for that small word of advice and brainstorming when you need it. Even small talk with friends and family can help you reconnect, lighten your stress, and clear any blockage for your creative inspiration.

Connect with the creative community. Spending time, discussing each other’s work may spark that inspiration. Global art and craft communities have more than just their work to offer. Talk, discuss and look through their lens and stories to find an exciting idea for your next.

In conclusion –

Observe, and be flexible in your approach to find that perfect trigger of inspo. Being creative demands a fearless, open to change and welcoming approach. Pay attention to your inner calling and find out what you are truly passionate, curious and intrigued about in life.

Well, we’ve listed a few ways that can help you spark creativity, when you feel low on fresh and exciting new ideas. Just like the above, there are dozens of other ways that can help you find and sustain inspiration. The above list will help you get the ball rolling. A few of them, or all of them will resonate and help you with your unique ‘Eureka’ moments. The important thing is whatever works – work with it.

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