Handmade and sustainable journal and pouch – perfect corporate gifts!

Uploaded on 28-Dec-2022

Handmade and sustainable journal and pouch – perfect corporate gifts!

Welcome to the world of crafts! Don’t get predictive by the word - ‘crafts’, you’ll be delighted to see what we have in store for you. So we make everyday products like accessories, stationery, home décor, essentials, etc. We have something amazing yet pocket-friendly for everyone. Literally!

When the common man buys – he expects it to be of use every day. Today, we bring to you our bestselling stationery products, a journal and a pouch – well, couple them and they look like inspiration on a busy Monday!

Handmade and eco-friendly journal …

honest studio

Sure your digital calendars and apps, keep you sorted, help you organize and on your toes when its time for tasks. But recently, more importantly after Covid, people have started slowing down, revisiting simpler times, and want to detox digitally. People are diving back in nostalgia and simplicity – by many means and a trending one being - writing for leisure and work both. So guess what; the humble joy of writing by hand and journaling - its back!

Spirituality and simplicity are slowly seeping in people’s life and journaling has become a therapy. It is effective, soothing and costs way less. Journals are now a must have tool for everyone. At Craftsbite, we have a splendid range of journals that are just as filled with value for the environment, as much as they are useful and beautiful.

Our standard journal comes in A5 size, and bundles in 60 pages of 100 gsm. The covers are in 400 gsm paper and are wrapped in soft, eco-friendly fabric, and finished to perfection. The journal is cut and framed, and crafted by local artists. It is then wired perfectly for giving a strong hold and neat aesthetic.

These journals come in crisp white pages and are versatile. Scribble your everyday, pen your heart, organize work, or simply doodle away with this one. Not only does it give the happiness of journaling, it also takes you one-step closer to sustainability.

They come in variety of colours and designs – both elegant traditional and trendy modern prints. They sure are a unique stationery product, which can be used by all ages and gender. Need we say more? Just check them out, and pick your favorites!

Stationery Pouch…

A simple and everyday thing like a stationery pouch can be trendy and beautiful too. We generally tend to overlook essentials, but even though small, they definitely make a difference. We designed this stationery pouch to make an everyday product that sorts, stores, carries your stationery with ease, and looks amazing.

honest studio

Our standard pouch comes in 8 x 2 inches dimensions. It is made using soft organic cotton and finished with a strong zip closure. We have a variety of colours and designs, and beautiful charms and tassels on the zip hold. The pouch is designed for convenience, and holds your basic stationery with ease. We design these for high strength and durability, making them last longer.

Wire Holder…

honest studio

Messy wires, tangled cables can now be tamed with our beautiful and highly efficient wire holders. We designed this product to provide an easy solution for wrapping cables and wires. This wire holder is made with beautiful cotton fabric and comes in trendy designs. It is wrapped around a strong canvas, and has Velcro patch to seal the ends. Simply fold the wind it in a loop and wrap this trendy wire holder to secure and hold it!

A fantastic combo …

The journal, wire holder and pouch are great choices by themselves; however, we also have combos including all three, in matching fabric and design. They make for excellent options for adding just the right amount of art and colour to your workspace.

Corporate gifting…

Our every raw component is ethically sourced. It is crafted in beautiful and meaningful everyday something’s with love, by local artists and underprivileged women struggling to make a living.

honest studio
honest studio

We believe in making the world a better and greener place for everyone. Right from a small loom in remote India, the hardworking hands that sew and bring our products to life, to the end user that smiles every time they use / look at our product!

At Craftsbite, we make sure the idea of gifting is easy, yet very thoughtful and that which supports the environment, purpose and people who make this art and those who buy it. We are a woman led and owned company that supports local and make in India, promotes sustainability and makes every effort to give back to our community, and to nature.

If you think of gifting and especially corporate gifting, this combo will make an impression. Because when you show your team you care - show them you care for the environment too. If you are on the path to sustainability and supporting ‘Make in India’ – this combo is your best choice.

Check them out on www.craftsbite.in, and if you like what you see, simply connect for our best offers!

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