Creative ways to style with handmade products

Uploaded on 23-Sep-2021

Creative ways to style with handmade products

The fashion police are here and guess for what? To check out the new age hype, of handmade love! Is it worth, well, it is much more than just beauty! Styling in its very own way is a medium to express yourself, to see yourself bubbling in confidence, grace and a unique charm. We have seen fashion trends come and go, we have seen them repeat throughout generations. There is one thing however, that is evergreen and no matter what trends define, remains the first love for many fashion enthusiasts. Yes, it is handmade fashion.

Making things by hand has its own charm. It is deeply connected with generations of art and skills passed on through families and communities. Every design, every detail is made with a lot of thought. Fine skills are invested in the making process, which makes it one of a kind, and beautiful. Handpicking raw material is another factor, adding to the rare quality that wraps up every piece of handmade art. The artist pours all his love, art and skills, into making a fine piece, which is precisely the reason why handmade products are loved all over the globe!

Craftsbite Handmade Products

Handmade fashion

The markets today are beaming with handmade clothes, accessories and jewelry that are beaming with design, quality and growing demand. More people are now appreciating handmade art. With many varieties, another impressive factor for handmade fashion, is that it comes in an eco-friendly variety. Many brands and communities are making handmade products that are safe and do not harm the environment. Craftsbite is our home brand that makes 100% eco-friendly crafts, jewelry and accessories, all of which are made by local artists by hand. This not only supports the environment, but also provides small employment to women and supports vocal for local.

In this article we will discuss the beauty of handmade fashion and the various ways that it can be styled to create your own trend. Who said fashion needs to be about expensive brands only? Lets explore …

Everyday styling with handmade garments

Fashion enthusiasts know, how important picking the right garment is. Along with a wide range of garments, like sarees, dresses and skirts and more, there are simple garments that can be paired and styled with any outfit with ease, like stoles and scarves. While you may not pick that dress or saree to wear everyday, stoles and scarves are simple additions that can be used to amp up any look, and any occasion!

Craftsbite Handmade Products

Styling with stoles

A stole can be reinvented to drape and dress up, in more ways that you can imagine. We have compiled a few popular styles that make you drape, twist and knot your stoles and scarves in style!

  1. The easiest way, and simplest one is to let it hand around your neck. Point to remember is let it hand evenly on both sides of the neck.
  2. Now this one is next to simple; hang the stole around and toss one end over the opposite shoulder.
  3. Use the stole / scarf like a shawl . Drape one end across your body, and bring the other end across the opposite shoulder.
  4. Drape the stole or scarf evenly and let it hand around your neck. Now choose a skinny belt or a chunky belt (depending on your base outfit).
  5. Try the classic loop (Ascot). Drape the stole around your neck. Now loop the longer end around the neck – twice. Let the ends hang gracefully.
  6. Fold the stole/ scarf in half, and drape it around the neck. Put the top end of the stole through the loop. Twist the loop to create a second loop, and put the bottom end through this loop.
  7. Try this ‘loop-through’ drape style, for simple yet chic look. Fold your stole in half and drape it around. Now, put one end of the stole through the loop and pull it through!
  8. The infinity drape – looks classy and is easy to drape, despite its name! Pick your favorite stole, create a circle by tying two opposite corners of the stole together. To create the look, swing this circle over (keep the knot at the back) your head a couple times or more.
  9. The shoulder shrug style gives you a clean yet impressive look.  Wrap the stole around, make sure the edges fall to the front. Keep one side resting on one shoulder, pick the end, and wrap the stole to cover the other shoulder.
  10. Hang the stole or scarf around your neck. Keep both side ends uneven, now wrap it around your neck twice, and then simply make a rugged knot.
  11. Tie the opposite ends of your stole or scarf, to make a circle. Swing it over your head two times.
  12. Fold the scarf in half, twice. You will get a rectangular shape. Now fold the rectangle shape diagonally, to make a triangle.  Take the two ends on the longest side and tie it around your neck, with the knot on the back of your neck.
  13. The twisted necklace – Twist the stole lengthwise, and bring the edges together. Wrap this around your neck and tuck the edges into the stole. The look is best achieved with multicolored stoles.
  14.  Braid your scarf or stole around for a chic look! The process may be lengthy but the style is all worth the effort. Choose a scarf / stole with a good length. Drape it around your neck and tie a half knot on both ends. Make sure it is loose. Now take one end and put it across the other end. Pull this under the main loop and over it again. As this hangs down, take the opposite side and cross it over the end, and pull it up and over. Repeat this process until you reach the ends of the stole or scarf.  Tie the ends and tuck them in. This technique also works wonderfully with two contrasting or favorite scarves.
Craftsbite Handmade Products

Combine your stoles with

  • A classy denim jacket, for a casual day out, is perfect to upgrade your look with a stole looped around your neck in a classic knot, or double knot.
  • Belt it up a notch! Wear the stole like a cape, hang it over your shoulders and spread it. Fasten a belt over the stole on the narrowest part of your waist.
  • Choose a stole or scarf that has an easy flow. Hang it one side, on your shoulder. The length can vary in the front and back. You can also pleat it and then spread the pleats as they run downwards. Choose a statement belt and fasten it around your waist.  
  • Styling with stoles for a casual look is easy and fun. The ascot wrap is best matched with a casual look. Choose fun colors and prints to play along.
  • A stole can be more than just a neck accessory. On a casual day out, wrap your stole around the waist. Fan the edges on one side of the waist and keep the knot on the other side.
  • Looping your scarf around the waist through the belt loops is a style that never disappoints. Choose a delicate free flowing scarf to accentuate the look.
  • A scarf goes well as a head accessory too! Tie it like a headband. You can keep the knot on one side or at the back. (quick fix for a bad hair day!)
  • Keep an everyday outfit trendy by styling it with your stole like a kimono or shrug. The technique is super easy. First, secure the ends of the stole with a knot. Now wear it over your casual shirt or tank top.
  • Make the most of your favorite stole, by tying it around the straps of your handbag. Innovate with different knots with scarves and stoles.
  • A small scarf makes a cute bow accessory to tie on one of the handles of the bag handle. You can also drape it on the bag itself and tie it around, to make a cross body bag.
  • Style your evening look with a stole, with grace and sophistication. Wear the stole around your waist or the shoulder. Drape the edges of the stole around your shoulder or elbows. Keep it simple, and drape the edges as per your outfit. For a saree, keep one side on the shoulder and the other on your elbow. This works well for most Indian and western outfits too.
Craftsbite Handmade Products

Dress up your stoles with …

The stole is a versatile accessory, and goes beautifully with most outfits. Just pick the right style with the right clothes, and voila, you’ve got yourself a trend for the day!

  • Stoles and scarves are a simple addition to formal wear too. Choose a tailored neat stole, to match your formal outfit. (We prefer to use pastel and light, nude colors). Experimenting with knots is a tough game with formal wear. The best bet is to keep it simple. Drape the stole around and let it hang loose. Keep the knots simple and neat. Scarves however can be experimented for knots, to pair with casuals.
  • Choose a smart stole in a French knot, to tie around your neck, for styling an evening dress with chic and casual vibes.
  • A clean and crisp white or khaki shirt, tunic or trouser can be paired beautifully with a gorgeous stole. A simple wrap around the neck, will do the trick. You can also experiment with different knots to check which suits you the best. Add layers with jackets, shrugs or a parka for a casual look.
  • Choose a free flowing stole, pair it with a chic top or solid t-shirt and pair of your favorite denims. Slay the casual day out with a bold and comfy look.
  • A dreamy date look is just a pretty stole away. Assemble a chic look, by choosing matching stoles with your dresses. Create a warm and cozy look with soft pastels shades, flowy fabric, and an elegant draping style.

A few 101’s when styling with a handmade stole or scarf

Beneath the entire buzz, it is very important to tick a few style boxes on your styling adventure. Here is how to make sure, you hit the right tones of subtle yet chic fashion, and bring out the best of you.

  • Choose the drape style as per your outfit or occasion. Remember comfort is the biggest trend setter, and being uncomfortable in a perfectly styled outfit reflects on your overall look.
  • Colors that suit your personality, should be considered while choosing stoles. Wear black to create a sleek look. Avoid chunky stoles if you have a petite body type.
  • Consider the fabric and feel before draping it around. For winters a soft woolen stole works great. A soft ‘mul’ or cotton stole is an excellent option for humid and sunny days. Maintain a clean and neat look, when dressing up for business. Avoid using bling, shine and stoles that are over the top glamorous for a formal look.
  • Plan the look of your stole as per your outfit. Anything black compliments most stoles with ease. Choose contrasting paly of colours, designs and patterns. Make sure you don’t go over the top, with styling. Less is more and it stands true for stoles too. Balance out the complete look. Instinct is fashions best friend, so, listen to your creative voice and follow its lead.
Craftsbite Handmade Products

Styling with handmade jewelry

One small accessory can completely change your look. Accessories like earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets are some easy adornments to upgrade a basic look with minimal effort. Let us take a look at some of the best ways to pair your accessories.


  • An evergreen trend and  the easiest way to style – earrings. They come in immeasurable types, and sizes. They are easy to wear and rank high with impression on the style quotient.
  • Lets begin with the basics. Choose as per the occasion. Finalize an outfit and then choose the best pair that goes with it. For formal, business, and similar events, choose  earrings that match the standard of the event. You can choose pearl, chandelier, or drop earrings, to match with more tailored outfits and elegant looks.
  • A casual evening with friends or family, you can choose from a variety of simple earrings, delicate chandelier earrings (not too loud), drop earrings, etc. Again, of course, choose according to your outfit. When lounging, with more relaxed occasion and attire, choose fuss free earrings like simple hoops, studs, or dainty earrings.
  • Your jewelry and your attire set a strong vibe. Pick your vibe for the day – choose matching clothes, and then plan which earrings  will set the right vibe or mood. Use colorful handmade boho  earrings , with beads and adornments, to complete your look. If you are feeling punk and upbeat, choose earrings that are bold in gold, like chain drop earrings.
  • Choose dainty and soft pearl earrings when you want an elegant and minimalistic look. Wear trendy, chunky and asymmetrical earrings for a trendy and grungy look.
  • The neckline of your outfit is very important when deciding on the best earring to wear. Consider the height and complexity of your attire, which will help you make a wise choice!
  • Closed neck, tight necklines, collars, and turtle necks can be paired with small dainty hoops, studs and simple earrings. With strapless, halter or a ribbed tank top, choose large earrings, or dainty drop earrings that help create a longer neck look. Wear statement or chandelier earrings with a simple silhouette dress, a dainty strap dress or a low neckline dress.
  • With bold and chunky or loud earrings, keep the rest of the look minimal. If you go heavy on the earrings, keep your neckline simple, with a thin necklace or no jewelry at all.
  • Balance the earrings with your outfit. To highlight your earrings pair them with a simple outfit. A bright or layered outfit can be styled with dainty elegant earrings.
  • Another important and overlooked factor is to consider the color and length of your hair, when choosing the type of earring to wear. Some of the things to consider are the colour of your hair. You can play around two rules here. Choose earrings that match the color of your hair. If you have black hair choose silver or black toned earring. If you have strong highlights or blond hair choose gold or similar earrings, which compliment your hair.
  • The second option is to play with contrast. Choose metal and light colored earrings with darker hair shades. With blond or light colored hair choose bright and colorful earrings.
  • If you have long tresses and style them down, choose to wear chunky big earrings that will be visible, through long flowing locks. Choose earrings that will be strikingly visible like asymmetrical earrings or studs. Wearing dainty drop earrings will only hide them. If you plan to wear your hair up, you can opt for the opposite.
  • With short hair, like a pixie cut or a complete hairdo, you can pair stunning bold or chunky long earrings. Dainty long danglers look great too. Choose these earrings when you plan to wear your hair up.
  • Of course, these rules are not written in stone. Feel free to mix and match. Remember to break the rules if the style demands or if you really want to sport your favorite pair. Go with the flow, and your heart!
  • Just like hair, considering your skin complexion, eye color and make up, and face structure is also advisable by style experts. A warm undertone skin complexion will go well with warm colors and metal earrings. Choose silver or similar metal earrings of your complexion has cool undertones.
  • Highlight your eyes with matching color earrings, in shade and color.
  • Earrings can also be a reflection of your personality. If you like to make a bold statement, choose similar earrings with playful structure and color contrast. For an elegant look choose pearls and silver, and white or oxidized earrings with your little black dress or dark outfits. Make a dramatic look come alive with an all silver or metallic look.
  • Use handmade fabric, or embroidered earrings with cute adornments, beads and crafts to rock that bohemian look with ease. Choose bright colors and designs that break the code, to create a rebel statement.
  • Mix and match with different metals, to create a new trend. Of course, keep the overboard mark in check when doing so. As long as the complete look is trendy and works with your flow and idea, be free to choose what suits you the best!
  • As long as you feel great in your choice even a simple stud can work wonders. Live by the rules, and a little out and beyond them when necessary!
Craftsbite Handmade Products


Just like earrings, necklaces are a make or break accessory. There are some style tips that go a long way in creating that killer style statement. Let us take a look at some of the vital ones.

  • Choose according to your outfit. Make sure the neckline of your outfit compliments the neck piece you choose.  Bold and big necklaces go amazingly well with off shoulder, v- neck, strapless, and scoop neck attires.
  • Small dainty pieces go well were the focus is on the neckline of the outfit. If the neck is heavy, with design, ornamentation or lace, etc. choose to wear delicate and small pieces of neck jewelry.
  • When pairing with heavy design, pattern and bold colors, choose monochromatic neckpieces that will balance your look.
  • Neckpieces that have a chunky and bold pendant go well with collared and formal dresses. Button them up and add a low necklace to the outfit.  You can also fold them from beneath the collar, just leave one or two buttons of the shirt open and let the pendant create a stunning contrast.
  • Avoid pairing any necklace with a boat neck.  If you have to, choose elegant and thin necklaces or a chain, to accentuate the look.
  • With v-necks make sure that your necklace is not overlapping or falling on your neck fabric. It should only touch the skin.
  • Create beautiful yet formal look by pairing a gold or metal geometric neck piece with your formals, jacket, blazer or business attire.
  • Another great way to upgrade your look, is to match your necklace with your accessory, like your purse , shoes or your watch, or even your mobile cover. ( May sound cheesy, but works, when done the right way).
  • Layering necklaces is a trend now, but needs to be handled with grace and creativity.  Layer in odd and multiple numbers when layering more than two necklaces. Choose varying lengths of neckpieces, to create a stylish layer.
  • Play with monotones or choose to play with contrasts  with colors and material of the necklaces.
  • Choose neckpieces as per the fabric and occasion. Most Indian wear can be styled amazingly in many metals, and handmade neckpieces. Create stunning boho look with an elegant saree and a bold handmade neckpiece. Or choose a vibrant neckpiece over a plain kurti and denims.
  • Create a contrast of styles. Pair traditional chunky handmade jewelry with a western dress or top.
  • Choose what suits your personality or the look or vibe that you want to create. To break the trend and set a new one, you can also wear the necklace on your back. If your outfit has a plunging back, just wear the necklace on your back, and voila, we have the bold and beautiful style!
  • And once again, feel free to follow your heart. Nothing beats the beauty that radiates with confidence.  Choose what makes you comfortable and happy!

We hope these simple ideas help you create a style for every day. You can also explore your ideas and creativity that make handmade products an evergreen trend again. Happy styling folks!

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