The Ultimate Style Guide for Earrings

Uploaded on 04-Jul-2022

Ultimate Style Guide for Earrings

Earrings are one of the first accessories to be worn by men and women since ancient times. Today, women have countless design and style options to choose from, and thus, finding the right earring to match an outfit or the perfect pair for a special occasion can be challenging. If you want your earrings to be a statement accessory, you must be able to pick the right one from different types of earrings. Even though earrings are small and subtle in most cases, they frame the face and draw attention. We bring you some of the top earring styles you need to know for the perfect look:

The Joyful Jhumkas

Earrings with parrot charmComplete your ethnic look with Jhumkas – an Indian type of earring that’s staple jewellery in every Indian woman’s closet. Jhumkas pair perfectly with your Anarkali dresses, sarees, kurtas and more. Even top Bollywood divas often pair jhumkas with their Indian ethnic outfits and take the world by storm! Jhumkas are so versatile that they look great with heavy embroidery saree or lehengas, simple printed kurtas, and any other kind of Indo-Western look. Jhumkas compliment every Indian face shape and look stunning on women!

The Dazzling Droplets

Also known as teardrop earrings, they dangle just below the earlobe and add elegance and charm to your appeal. Droplets are stylish daily wear earrings that you can adorn with dresses or classic kurtis. Avoid wearing these earrings with your jeans and tops as they look better with other outfits. The earrings suit almost every Indian face type and elevate your OOTD. You can use beautiful printed earring styles that complement your outfits and kurtis or even Indian-style dresses and make a roaring impression everywhere. Choose a length and design that matches your wardrobe and lifestyle, and choose eccentric colours to add glam to formal dresses. 

The Stylish Stud Earrings

This is one of the top earring styles you need to know as it is a piece of jewellery that goes with everything. You can wear stud earrings with your Indian, formal, Western, and party outfits and look super glamourous and stylish – all the time! Stud earrings are suitable for all occasions and styles, and they aren’t going out of fashion any time soon. You can also gift these earrings to any age group and receive lots of gratitude and appreciation for your choice. If you’re wearing stud earrings, showcase your face with a ponytail or an updo hairstyle to draw attention to your stud earrings.

The Magic of Statement Earrings

Geometric and pink earringsStatement earrings have a magical charm to make everything look more beautiful, stylish and graceful. Whether you want to give your classic white shirt an upgrade or revamp your Banarasi Silk Saree, statement earrings are like the knights in shining armour that save the day. Every statement earring gives a lasting impression; remember, there’s a pair of statement earrings for every mood. You can choose stylish daily wear earrings that are either geometrical or sculptural or pick some embellished new modern, stylish earrings for that big and bold look. The only thumb rule in statement earrings? The more exaggerated and the bigger, the better. Whenever you’re in doubt, just supersize!

Going bold is a great option with statement earrings as you can ensure maximum eyeballs towards you, especially if you’re a social butterfly. If you’re looking for the ultimate showstopper earring for your next big adventure, party, or work meeting, CraftsBite is here to help you!

CraftsBite – The Master of Statement Earrings for Every Occasion

CraftsBite brings you some unique, colourful, and mesmerizing statement earrings that you can wear to work, parties, and even on special occasions and festivities. We have jewellery that goes with everything, making them a super versatile and cost-effective addition to your accessory closet. From the best of jhumkas, droplets, and studs, we ensure that you have stylish daily wear earrings that you can flaunt every single day! 

Our new modern, stylish earrings are also an ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries, friendship’s day, Mother’s Day, valentine’s day, and even festivals! Looking for the best jewellery that matches all outfits – Shop Now from our different types of earrings collection and make a lasting impression! 

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