Trendy and eco-friendly gadget organization with Craftsbite.

Uploaded on 05-Jan-2023

Trendy and eco-friendly gadget organization with Craftsbite

Hello! We’ve been following the trends on getting back to office, working from home and the likes. We understand more people are choosing a refreshed and unique approach to their work routines and more importantly their work accessories and space. Sustainability has taken lead in all forms, and whats better than to make it a part of everyday work life? Craftsbite brings to you a storage accessory that’s trendy, versatile and comes in a full arch of colours and designs. Meet our laptop cover – an accessory to store you laptop and carry it with style.

The make and making –

Our laptop sleeves were born to make mundane options of storing and carrying your laptop a trend of the past. We designed an eco-friendly option, easy to use, strong, and sturdy to fit a standard laptop.

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The material is soft organic cotton, which comes in beautiful colours. We choose trendy unique prints, classy traditional designs that celebrate art. The fabric is stitched into a standard size cover of 16 x 15 inches. The sleeve is finished with contrasting and elevating borders in different colours, that best suit the base design. A strong and sturdy zipper seals the laptop sleeve, adorned by a cute charm.

Every step of this process is carefully yet lovingly crafted by local artists / women who need financial support. We source our raw material ethically, and from local suppliers, promoting and supporting local businesses and the make in India initiative. This laptop sleeve is an eco-friendly choice. A perfect way to contribute to environment safety and feel good too!

How it works –

Trendy Craftsbite laptop sleeves is an efficient and classy choice. It stores and protects your laptop from any external damage, due to dust, dirt and scratches. The cotton fabric is strong, giving you a good grip and hold as you carry it. It fits a standard laptop perfectly.

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Beautiful – inside out! Laptop sleeves that work well and look good too! We wanted to help our clients reflect their personal style through accessories. Our laptop sleeve is a unique product, giving your work space a refreshing vibe. Make your work desk colorful and cheerful even on a Monday morning! Be noticed, be the environmentally conscious trendsetter!


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Laptop sleeve as the name suggests – traditionally is used to store your laptop. However our design comes with a versatile edge – it can be used to store much more, than just your laptop! Stack your documents neatly and safely with this cover. You can store your files, stationery, journals, reports and more, in this beautiful cover.

They also make the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether you are looking for a unique everyday gift, a budget friendly option for bulk gifting, or a classy eco-friendly corporate gifting option – this laptop sleeve is the best!

Maintenance –

Maintaining this laptop sleeve is as breezy and easy. This lightweight cover can be cleaned inside out. Just wash in cold water and air dry. For everyday maintenance – simply wipe with clean cloth or brush softly.

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Let's buy –

Check out the complete range of laptop covers on our website @ We are sure you’ll love them. Let's go!

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