The Value and Importance of Local Artists and Artisans

Uploaded on 04-Aug-2022

Importance of Local Artists

Indian handicrafts have captivated the world and continue to make a global impression. We live in a country blessed with incredible talent in every corner of the city, town or village. Local artists embrace Indian culture, traditions, and ethos to deliver magic with their hands. When hands and hearts work together, that’s natural grace, elegance, and charm in the making. It’s essential to understand why local artists are so important to preserve our historic culture and deliver unique, original, outstanding art to the world.

Why Do Local Artists Matter So Much?

Local artists matter because they enrich our community in countless ways. Our world would be dull and lifeless if our local artists didn’t put their hearts into building and beautifying our community. They matter because they care about the world and want to continue making things better for one and all. If you’re going to show off your city, community, or even specific areas of your town, the local art community plays a significant role. When you look at the pieces of artwork, handmade products or handcrafted designs amplified by your local artists, you realise the value of the talent and the pride you feel being associated with it. 

Supporting such local artists is essential to keep art alive and continue our ancient cultures, traditions, and heritage so future generations can enjoy it too. When you support your local artists’ community, you believe that arts truly enhance how you live your life.

How Can You Support your Local Artists?

If you find out some skilled artisans or artists around you and want to help spread their work and passion around, there’s a lot you can do in today’s digital era. Share the work of local artists on your social media so that it reaches a larger audience. Similarly, you can attend your local events and exhibitions and shop from them instead of buying from national or global brands all the time. When you shop locally for art, you allow local artisans to improve their quality of life and boost their confidence. Many artists also now have individual e-commerce channels from where you can buy and help them sustain their economies. You’ll find that their art is original and different and creates a sense of culture and belonging. You’ll feel like you’re a part of a community, and it will become a value-added asset in your closet, home, or office!

CraftsBite’s Association with Local Artists 

At CraftsBite, we take great pride in connecting with artists and leveraging their incredible skill-sets and professional expertise to bring magical designs and handmade products to our customers. Our artisans deliver some of the finest handcrafted products you won’t find anywhere else. We believe in building a community of artists and artisans and promoting their work through our website to help many families earn a livelihood through their talent. We focus primarily on handmade products and local artists, and our customers love the unique appeal and touch of cultural bonding it brings to them! 

Here are some of our most treasured artists at CraftsBite:

Varsha Kamble

She’s an artist from Abhinav College who’s a friend of our founder. They worked for an exhibition together and, after it was an incredible success, decided to begin the journey of CraftsBite as partners. She initially started designing wall hangings, bags, and jewellery and reached out to boutiques to showcase her product range. She’s a master of jewellery, and all the earrings and necklaces you see on our website are her brainchild! She has over seven years of experience in CraftsBite and is rapidly growing her community of artists and artisans!

Varsha Andhare

She came from a background of Saree embroidery and was recommended at CraftsBite by her sister. Varsha possesses incredible expertise in R&D and continues to bring in new ideas for the creative exploration of our designs. While she’s been with CraftsBite for just four months, she is ready for a long journey ahead with our team! 

Chandra Bhandari

She was initially working with our sister concern, SenseBite, a marketing and advertising agency in Pune. But, looking at Varsha Kamble and her passion for CraftsBite, she decided to switch roles and loved her interaction with colours, textures, and materials at the workshop. Her expertise lies in product finishing and stitching with panache! She’s been with CraftsBite for over three years and is a valuable asset to the team! 

At CraftsBite, we go above and beyond to support our local artists’ community and inspire young minds with our unique designs, bright colours, and innovative products. We believe artists are good for the local economy, and we will continue to strive for their betterment and upliftment through our brands! 

Want to support your local artists? Check out their amazing handmade products on our website! 

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