The Ultimate Father's Day Gifting Guide

Uploaded on 23-May-2022

Father's Day Gifting Guide

Father’s Day 2022 is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about creative and innovative gifts for dad. Finding the best gifts for dad can be tricky because dads almost have everything – the latest gadgets, the best outfits, the top accessories and more. Thanks to their children who are constantly shopping for them and updating their wardrobe. In such cases, if you’re looking for some unique Father’s Day gift ideas, we’ve got you covered.

Most people who forget to buy a gift opt for last-minute dad gifts like a tie or chocolate or wine hamper. But your dad does so much for you; the least you can do is choose some personalized Father’s Day gifts that he will treasure forever. Especially after the last two years, we’ve all bonded better with our families and understood more about each other. So if you know the gift, your dad would love, why shy away from splurging?

For Every Father Figure

Who says you need to celebrate Father’s Day 2022 with only your dad? You can make this day memorable for uncles, husbands, grandfathers, or father figures who have guided and mentored you in your journey. In addition, you can opt for personalized Father’s Day gifts with a hand-written note to thank them and express your gratitude towards them. Choosing a handmade or a handcrafted gift goes a long way in showing your appreciation than picking something off the shelf for your last-minute dad gifts.

For the Dad Who Spreads PositiviTEA

Dads love their morning cup of chai – it wakes up their senses and helps them get ready to work. Most fathers work round the clock, and tea is often their favourite companion to stay focused and productive. Gift any dad some teasome gifts, and they will always love you a little more (if that’s even possible)! Consider things like tea coasters so that every morning when they sip their favourite drink, they think of you and are happy to have you around. You can choose some pretty prints to elevate their mornings and help them feel joyous and set for work! 

For the Workaholic Dad

Whenever you think of your dad, the first image that comes to mind is your dad working on a laptop; it’s time to gift something that will stay with him forever. You can choose a laptop sleeve or cotton printed laptop cover so that his precious possession is always safe and sound. If you’re working well and can afford it, we recommend gifting dad a new laptop along with the cover – he’ll be pleasantly surprised! If not, the cover will work just fine, too. It’s a way to show your dad how much you support his hard-working nature and want to be a part of his work life! 

For the Go-Green Dads

Our fathers teach us a lot about sustainability and protecting the environment. They are the best examples of leading a better life and protecting and preserving our planet. If your dad is a strong sustainability supporter, we have some great Father’s Day gift ideas for him. You can choose some plant stickers if your dad spends a lot of time gardening. Whether you have a home garden or your dad has a few plants on his desk, he will love adding the plant stickers to make his green life better and happier. This is also a great way to show your dad that you understand his teachings and will follow a sustainable lifestyle moving on.

For the WFH Dad

It’s been a privilege for families since many companies have offered WFH opportunities to their employees. If you’ve been enjoying having your dad at home and want to celebrate his WFH lifestyle, you can choose some unique gifts like journals and pen holders. It will add a pop of colour to his desk, and he can also note all his important meetings and ideas in the journal. Stationery is one of the most evergreen Father’s Day gift ideas and can be purchased as last-minute dad gifts!

At CraftsBite, we offer unique customized, personalized Father’s Day gifts with a touch of handcrafted magic. We understand how special your dads are and thus, bring you a selection of the best gifts for dad. So whether you’re choosing last minute dad gifts or pre-planning a big Father’s Day 2022 celebration with lots of gifts and glamour, we can make it even better with our colourful and joyful gift ideas.

Order online and get it delivered Pan-India before Father’s Day! Here’s to the man who always adds colour to our lives! 

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