Fashion Accessories for the Perfect Selfie

Uploaded on 08-May-2022

Fashion Accessories for the Perfect Selfie

Did you know that 92 million selfies are taken every day? Selfie was the word of 2013, and 2014 was declared the ‘Year of the Selfie’. Ever since we’ve been obsessed with selfies – there’s a 500% increase in the number of selfies we take since 2013. In addition, women take 1.5 times more selfies than men – and we’d love to add more trend, style and sophistication to your upcoming selfies.

As 21st June is Selfie Day, we bring you some ideas and fashion accessories for the perfect selfie. On average, people spend 7 minutes a day taking selfies, and if you’re spending almost 54 hours in a year on selfies, it’s got to be good!

The Best Fashion Accessories for the Ultimate Selfie

While we believe your smile is the best fashion accessory for the perfect selfie, a few other additions definitely won’t hurt! We bring you some stylish, fashionable selfie props that you can add to your OOTD and click a selfie that gets you lots of likes and comments!

Captivating Handmade Earrings – Your Selfie’s Stylish Partner

A side profile pose works best if you’d like to showcase your earrings in the picture. Wear colourful handmade earrings and strike a pose for your selfie! You can take the shot from a distance with an interesting backdrop to add more colours and elements to your picture. If you’d like a close-up selfie, you could even keep one hand at the back of your ear, as if you’re showcasing the earring or tucking your hair behind your ears with grace.

Bold and statement earrings work very well for selfies as they become the focal point in the selfie and generate a lot of drama and elegance. Dark coloured earrings shine beautifully in your daylight pictures, and they will definitely bring you many compliments!

Say it with Stoles – Style your OOTD

Steal the show with your stoles and scarves and capture the perfect selfie. Stoles are an excellent fashion accessory to add to your OOTD. You can play with different colours, textures, and prints to add intrigue and inspiration to your selfies. If you are a selfie fan, consider owning at least one stole and style it in different ways every time you click a picture. For example, you can consider a tassel-based stole for your ethnic outfits or a printed stole to complement your plain kurtas or tops.

The simplest way to style your stole is not to knot it. Run it around your neck and let the two ends come in parallel lines in the front. This looks chic, comfortable and charismatic! If you’re trying to click a professional selfie, you can try it with a neat knot on the stole.

Statement Necklaces – Bold & Beautiful

Get your necklace selfie game on with statement necklaces and perfect posts. Touch your face with one hand and get the perfect angle to make it a frame-worthy photo. Remember, your selfie will also feature your lips, so add a pop of colour that complements your necklace to create a well-blended look and feel. You can even add more fashion accessories to further enhance your selfie composition.

When you wear traditional or ethnic outfits, you can pair them with handmade necklaces with cultural styles like Boho, Ajrak, Kalamkari, or Indie designs. Statement neckpieces are often the centre of attention in your selfies, so make sure you follow the Grid of 3 rule to create a stunning layout.

Don’t forget to think about the lighting to get the best possible appeal for your face and necklace.

Did you know that some people confessed to taking more than 8 selfies per day? That’s a lot of beautiful pictures, right? If you’re someone who loves selfies and enjoys dressing up, there are lots of amazing fashion accessories for the perfect selfie.

You can glam up your fashion accessories with colours and prints and make sure they become the focal point of your picture. CraftsBite brings you some trending fashion accessories for the perfect selfie. You can shop for handmade earrings, statement necklaces and colourful stoles from our website and experiment with new looks for your selfie day celebration!

We hope you enjoy our fashion selfie accessories this Selfie Day! Don’t forget to send us your pictures and tag us on Instagram @craftsbite.

Happy Clicking!

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