Elevating your Home Decor this Summer

Uploaded on 12-Apr-2022

Elevating your Home Decor this Summer

Ready for a summer makeover?

The season is perfect for updating your décor with a splash of colours, vibrant prints and tropical ideas. The secret to a fabulous summer makeover is light fabrics, beach-inspired décor and bright colours. You could either upgrade with a few chic and stylish summer home décor accessories or go for a significant change with some bold new items in your home.

This summer, transform the look and feel of your home with fresh summer home décor ideas. Invest in colourful linens, lively aesthetics and impressive patterns for a brand-new look and feel.

Simple changes in the décor and placement of things in your home can make a significant impact on the way your home invites and welcomes you and your guests.

Tips and Tricks for Summer Home Décor 2022:

1. Change your Cushion Covers

Summer is a time that reflects your easy-going personality, garden parties and refreshing entertainment with family and friends. So, if you like to invite your loved ones over for summer brunches, consider upgrading your cushion covers with hues of pinks, yellows and blues for an authentic summer appeal. The bold colours with tassel decorations, ikat prints or elegant designs are just what you need for a summer dose of freshness in your home.

2. Level up your Coaster Game

Summer is a time for refreshing drinks like Iced Teas, Cold Coffees and Fruit Juices. Choose colourful coasters that match the spirit of summer. Whether you’re inviting friends for high-tea or hosting Sunday brunch with some cocktails or mocktails, colourful coasters with tassels will add shades of radiance and sunshine to your table. Tea coasters may seem like a small addition to your décor, but they can indeed be the centre point of your dinner tables when you're hosting guests.

3. Vibrant Lunches & Brunches

In-house lunches are a treat when you don’t want to step out during summer afternoons. Bring the feeling of a restaurant to your home with brightly coloured table mats. Whether you’re cooking a feast or ordering in from your favourite restaurant, the new mats will match the flavours of the food and entice your guests. Floral prints, geometric prints and tassel decorations are trending summer home décor ideas in 2022. Table mats are so much more than just an accessory on the table. They add joy to the group and make mealtime a lot more fun time!

4. Goodbye Boring Walls

Wall décor items instantly transform the room and make it more appealing and enticing. By choosing innovative and creative wall décor items, you can make summers sensational at home. Think of wooden wall hooks, hand-painted wall décor or handing décor with tassels for a colourful upgrade to your boring walls. Some of the best summer home décor ideas include vibrant colours and beautiful designs, and today; you’ll find abundant wall décor items to amplify your home walls. It’s one of the most cost-effective summer home décor accessories too!

5. Colour me Green

Summer time is ideal for welcoming new plants at home as they bring coolness and happiness. Plant sticks can elevate your home gardens and add a dash of creative genius to your home décor efforts. If you’re looking for a unique and budget-friendly summer decorating idea, choose fish or bird plant sticks for your house plants. Plant sticks are also an excellent attraction for kids, and they help little ones connect with plants!

Which summer home décor idea would you like to implement this season?

The Handmade Advantage

If you’re looking for summer fun decorating ideas, there’s great joy in choosing handmade products as they give your home a personalized touch. At CraftsBite, we specialize in offering handcrafted solutions for the best home decoration. Whether it is our colourful cushion covers, printed table mats, inviting coasters, appealing wall décor, vibrant buntings or innovative plant sticks, we love adding colours and smiles to homes all across the country. So, decorate your house for summer and enjoy the vacations with your loved ones, friends, guests, and colleagues.

CraftsBite is happy to bring you some exciting home décor solutions to up your summer décor game. Elevate your space with our amazing range of exclusive handmade items and gear up for countless compliments. We have great solutions for summer decorating ideas for your indoors and outdoors.

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