Craftsbite – A creative affair of dreams, passion and women empowerment.

Uploaded on 22-Oct-2021

Craftsbite – A creative affair of dreams, passion and women empowerment.

Finding your passion does not happen overnight (yes, but the realization may). For Craftsbite, the origin, the journey and the vision of its future are no coincidences. They are thoughtful buds of the love for art that slowly blossomed with time.  The Founder Ms Sayali Tate, was always an art lover, right from childhood. Finding beauty in the smallest of things was one of her secret ways to feel at peace, blissful, and full of gratitude.

The beginning …

She completed her basic education and knew her inner calling was to create, imagine and spread joy, which comes with art, design, and crafts. She enrolled with a Fine arts college to pursue a degree in Graphic Design. Sure advertising, illustrations and the more commercial and conventional routes were enchanting, glittery and gave her a scope to live her dream and passion. However, she wanted more; to make a difference, and in a unique way. She knew she adored handmade fabrics, the different styles of art, designs, their rich culture, history, weaves, etc.  She loved how small things could be put together to make something new, that could brighten up the smallest spaces with ease. So, there it was, a calling for crafts and the colorful world of fabrics and design. She began exploring and learning about them in detail. She also took to learning embroidery that adorned the beautiful fabrics and crafts.

She loved all things colorful, simple, and creative. So, undoubtedly nature - the biggest creative and breathtaking design was a major part of her true calling. With a strong vision, she combined her love of art, nature, and fabric, to create something marvelous, which would make a difference to everyone who was a part of it.

Empowering discovery …

In this entire process of weaving her dreams, she realized she was stronger than she imagined she could be. The process of following her dreams had led her to a humble path of discovering the side of herself, which she never knew, existed. She was an empowered woman, who could take on her own flight, with wings of courage, discipline, and dedication. She had a fearless soar that would surpass all odds and obstructions that stood in her way; especially in the way of a being a woman who wanted to make it big.

From that moment on, she pledged to follow and pursue her dreams, by giving a fair chance to women all over; those who were passionate, creative and had the zeal to be morally and financially independent. She wanted to touch the sky, but also wanted everyone who deserved, to pick a piece of a star for themselves too.

When dreams come true …

Craftsbite – a creative startup, was thus born in 2016. It was built on solid foundations of art, creativity, women empowerment, and giving back to nature in every possible way. To support vocal for local, was another mission that led to exploring local artists, suppliers, vendors, etc. A small but strong team forms the core of Craftsbite. They are united by passion, and their integrity, spirit and hard work makes Craftsbite, all that it is today.

It is a small business; in fact an all-woman business that makes simple, eco-friendly, and beautiful crafts. Each product at Craftsbite has an inspirational story, a reason, a purpose behind every weave and stitch. The products are simple everyday things that add a touch of handmade happiness to all and everything around them. They are moderately priced so as to reach people, and spark some joy in their everyday lives.

The raw material is finely selected, and ethically sourced from local vendors. The artists who make these crafts are also locals. Every piece at Craftsbite is crafted by hand, with fine work, attention to detail, and lots of love! The designs are the created by the owner and founder herself. She loves creating a variety of fresh products, and keeps the shelves rolling with new designs and product additions.

Vibrant colours and beautiful designs adore every product at Craftsbite. The range is fascinating, with stationery, jewelry, décor, essentials and the likes. They are not just crafts, but an emotion of fulfillment, that radiate with simplicity, passion, beauty and humility. They keep you connected to earth, and nature. They make you believe in yourself, and they make you realize that value is more important than the price.

Craftsbite grew with small yet steady steps of success. The marketing was simple with mouth to mouth publicity, small events, various exhibitions, which received a fabulous response. However, right when the journey was set to sail smooth, the pandemic hit in 2019. And yes like all business, Craftsbite too had to find newer ways to reach customers and continue branding. The digital platform came to rescue and it couldn’t get better than this. Slowly Craftsbite incorporated digital marketing and today it is an established brand on Instagram and Facebook.

Living with all the love …

From a small studio business to creating a harmonious community of art lovers, it has received immense love. The trends have evolved and more people have started exploring new brands, and are also loving them back. Handmade is back in trend and is appreciated even more for its value, history and happy emotions attached to it. Shopping does not have to be expensive to give satisfaction, and this is what all the happy clients at Craftsbite come back to experience.

 With all these years of love and goodwill from all family, friends and customers, and the digital support, Craftsbite is living it all. With loyal customers, new opportunities, and greater intentions of doing good, it is one brand, that started as a cocoon, but now has wings big enough to fly!

Well, the journey is not over. The pursuit of better crafts, design, creativity and exceptional service, will always keep Craftsbite team working with more vigor and love. Craftsbite is a local name now, but wishes to enrich the lives of many people around globe, with their small, beautiful, eco-friendly, and handmade crafts.

In their own words, -“ No doubt, we will keep doing our best, but without the love and support of our people, our efforts may not reach their true rewards.”

Signing off on this beautiful story, of women empowerment and belief -  that dreams come true, irrespective of gender, support, background, belief, etc.

Lets hear it from them:  “We are always there to help and support you in any way. We believe humanity and gratitude are the most powerful things to change the world. And we sure are pursuing it– one stitch, one craft and one smile at a time!

Do write and share with us about your Craftsbite experience. What you liked the most or would like to see us create! You can share your life journey, creativity, passions and kind words that you think can inspire us. Gratitude always …”

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