5 Long-Lasting Benefits of Journaling

Uploaded on 29-Apr-2022

Benefits of Journaling

Do you know what Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci and Frida Kahlo have in common? They all maintained a journal to record their feelings, thoughts and experiences.

Many of us hid a diary under our mattresses that preserved some of our closest secrets and dreams when we were younger. It was a space to confess all our struggles and fears and celebrate our achievements without judgment. Writing down all those thoughts gave us a sense of fulfilment and made us feel good. Not to mention, the world seemed much clearer with the words we noted down. Although most of us stopped writing once we reached adulthood, the benefits of writing in a journal still apply. It gives us control over our emotions and improves our mental health. Especially in this age of high stress that we live in, journaling can be your way of telling your story and keeping you sane.

The top 5 Benefits of Journaling:

1. Relieves Stress

Journaling for Relieves Stress

Have you ever noticed how negative thoughts or emotions run on a loop in our minds? It can be stressful when dealing with a challenging situation at work or home. But when you stop and put down your emotions on paper, it reduces your anxieties, fears and frustrations. Journaling for stress management is often recommended by top therapists and counsellors across the world. If you are feeling low, try a month of writing, and you’ll notice the countless benefits of journaling for mental health. When you write, it helps you release negative thoughts from your mind, and you could even come up with a solution for your challenges through the process. 


2. Boosts your Memory

The simple act of writing anything down, signals your brain that you want to remember this. Experts focus a lot on note-writing when they want to remember something new. Our brain stores information that we write down in a diary and makes stronger connections with the information we note. One of the benefits of a gratitude journal is that your brain will immediately remember all the fantastic things that happen to you. As a result, you’ll feel more positive and livelier, too. 

3. Inspires Creativity

Journaling for Inspires Creativity

Leonardo Da Vinci drew many incredible invention ideas in his journals. His books featured architecture, astronomy, the flow of rivers, submarines, helicopters, the flight of birds, mechanics and a lot more. One of the top advantages of journaling was that it fuelled his curiosity and let his imagination run wild. If you want to unleash and explore your creative side, write down your thoughts every day. 


4. Organizes your Thoughts

We’re constantly multitasking – whether it is with 7-8 tabs on Google Chrome or 4-5 apps on our phone. We’re even using two screens simultaneously without even realizing it when we watch TV and play with our phones, too. All this multitasking over clutters our minds with information and data. If you’d like to organize your thoughts in your mind, the best way is to write them down on paper. One of the significant benefits of writing a diary is the easy flow of thoughts, ensuring that journaling is good for you at any age! 

5. Improves your Immune System

Journaling for Immune System

Writing helps you structure your anxious feelings and lets you get past them. Journaling improves mental health, and since it reduces stress and anxiety, it helps strengthen your immune system. Those battling life-threatening diseases saw significant physical and health benefits of keeping a journal. Expressive writing boosts your immunity and decreases your risk of illness. In the age of a pandemic, this is one of the top advantages of journaling. 

So, you get it – journaling is good for you. It offers mental, emotional and physical health benefits. However, starting a journal may seem daunting to many. Instead of overthinking about it, start writing whatever comes to mind. It could be just a few words, a few sentences or a few paragraphs. Stay consistent with your stress relief journaling, and you’ll notice the incredible benefits of journaling every day! 

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