Things to Consider While Buying Handmade Products

Uploaded on 12-Oct-2022

Handmade Products

In principle, we all know that buying handmade has several advantages. Whether we're supporting a handcrafted artist or shopping from local artists and craftspeople. Have you ever considered what the benefit of purchasing handmade is, and who benefits from the transaction?

There are advantages for both you as the buyer and the creator as the business owner. However, there are additional advantages to purchasing, utilizing, and creating handcrafted things.

Top 10 Reasons to buy handmade products

1. Unique Designs - Unmatched Creativity and Diversity

Unlike mass-produced gifts, each handcrafted item will frequently have distinct variations, making the product and the buyer highly special. Nobody else on the planet will have the same thing, which is quite unique! Many of the handcrafted gifts available on Produced by CraftsBite are made to order and may be customised and personalised to your specifications.

While some handmade merchants are satisfied with manufacturing a variety of the same products, many artisans choose to exclusively create one-of-a-kind products, becoming popular for the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity in this way.

Buyers of handmade items appreciate this! Nothing beats having and enjoying a carefully crafted item that is completely personal and unique, and that no one else will have. Even though a variety of the same type of products are offered, purchasing handcrafted means that each one will be somewhat different.

2. A Story - Behind the Product

People who buy handcrafted products want to know the story behind the product. They would like to know how it was crafted, what materials were required, and what motivated the artist. It's just so much more exciting and satisfying than, say, buying an off-the-shelf product created alongside thousands of others in a factory someplace!

3. Quality and CraftsBite

One disadvantage of purchasing mass-produced items is that they might be weak and break over time, resulting in their disposal. Of course, handcrafted things might break, but something that is created with traditional skills (rather than a slew of machines) has been crafted to a very high quality and is typically sturdier.

The CraftsBite of a handcrafted product is very remarkable. Handmade customers value the talent and work that goes into crafting anything from scratch by hand.

4. Ecological Benefits -Eco-friendly and Sustainable

Handcrafted items are better for the environment. Most handmade products do not require the use of a factory or huge production facility. Rather, almost all are produced in local craft studios and workshops, or people's own houses. Handmade is sometimes very local, so it does not have to travel hundreds or thousands of kilometers to reach you. When you buy from Manufactured by CraftsBite, you know that your handcrafted order is coming from Pune, Maharashtra, and is being made in India.

5. Tried & Trusted - 100% Satisfaction from 1000s of Clients

CraftsBite holds happiness with tried and trusted products, with 100% satisfaction from thousands of clients. While our inspiration stems from nature, the love and feedback from our clients also inspire us to do more and better. We strive to keep this trust and love intact by making the highest quality and most beautiful products!

6. Buy Handmade Directly from the Maker

It can't get much easier than this. You make your purchase directly from the artisan who crafts your handcrafted present. If you have any questions regarding the product (materials used, how to care for it, colour and size possibilities), you will speak directly with the person who created it. They are intimately familiar with their product and will be able to provide you with the greatest advice.

When you buy from Made by CraftsBite, the notice is sent straight to the maker (myself!!), and we will prepare your order—produce the product, personalise it, and elegantly wrap it (yeah, we creative people have a thing for attractive corrugated small boxes and the CraftsBite logo printed on the white bag), and take it to the post office.

7. Pocket-Friendly Trends - Affordable, Fashionable, Desirable

Everything we make at CraftsBite is for you to make every day an occasion. That is why our products are pocket-friendly and made accessible to celebrate small things every day!

Sustainable fashion trends: we strive to maintain the highest quality of products, with sustainability at the core. So, when you make a purchase, rest assured that you are making the world a better place to live in. At CraftsBite, it is more about setting trends, embracing traditional art, and boosting the talent and skills of local artists. We make products that are fashionable, desirable, and affordable.

8. Buying Handcrafted Supports Craft Skills and Tradition

This may appear to be a selfless reason, but by supporting a local artisan, you are also supporting their craft skill. By sponsoring traditional crafts such as handmade plant sticks, keychains, jewellery, and earring sets, fabric art, clay artists, glass artists, weavers, and many more, we are assisting them in passing on their talents to the next generation and keeping the art and craft alive.

Each handmade treasure demonstrates the hard work and commitment that went into its creation. These are methods based on our heritage and history, going back to a time when expertise in creativity and quality were valued. These traditional procedures are often overtaken by shortcuts and conveniences made possible by our current modern culture. Let us stick to tradition and preserve these time-honored skills.

9. Handmade Products are Made by Genuine People

When you purchase a handmade product, you know that the creative artist is enthusiastic about their craft and that each item is lovingly created. Handmade products are always handcrafted with a lot of love, care, and attention to detail to create something unique and valuable.

Consider handmade the next time you need a gift, a new item for your house, or simply want to treat yourself to a piece of jewellery.

You'll get a higher-quality, one-of-a-kind unique product. You are contributing to the life and craft of a handmade business owner. You're also sustaining otherwise extinct talents and making a more environmentally friendly purchase. 

10. Helping to Support Small Businesses

Handmade consumers understand that by shopping handmade, they are assisting local businesses to grow, which in turn benefits the global economy. When it comes to buying handcrafted products, there are no hidden fees. Purchasing handmade directly benefits the artist who designs the craft products, allowing them to continue making money from a business they are passionate about.

However, it is not only about money. Each purchase offers the artist, creator, or craftsperson confidence in their product, the opportunity to further improve their talents, and the possibility to re-invest the money back into their business and continue making wonderful pieces of art.

Why we should celebrate all things handmade

The handcrafted industry is growing. Artisans and craftsmen may utilise their traditional abilities to make very beautiful and personal things that others will appreciate and enjoy. That alone is a strong reason to consider buying handmade! Furthermore, when we consider the advantages to small businesses, the environment, and the economy, purchasing handmade is a lifestyle choice well worth considering.

We hope you found this information on what actually matters to handmade purchasers interesting and that it encourages you if you own a handmade business! Please share this article with your social media followers, and don't forget to subscribe to be notified of future blogs like this.

CraftsBite Means Handmade with Love

Handcrafted in the spirit of thought, love, and creativity. A genuine artist is motivated by the desire to create something beautiful. Each artwork is unique because of the particular care provided during the crafting process. Similarly, a handcrafted product shows how you can convey your love and thanks to the receiver. The artisan's spirit of love is essentially communicated via the act of giving.

Purchasing homemade products for someone you care about is a memorable and meaningful option. Handmade items are created in a loving atmosphere, offered with honesty and integrity, and are designed to last a lifetime. Your friends and family will appreciate the significance of having a genuine handcrafted work of art as different from a factory-made item.

Enjoy Your Handmade Shopping.

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